Reviews for "'Quaraquol'"


that was excellent.
everything about it was great. there was nothing bad I can say about this.
great job : )

fucking amazing

this is insanely good stop-motion animation. (i do it too, i would know) and only 3 days? just wow.

Butzbo responds:

Heheh, well i only had 3 days before the deadline, and all i had was the snail, one background, and the story, so i took some kind of endurance-squedule, and i BARELY finished in time. Heehh.

Cool beans

the beans they are cool

Butzbo responds:


Need to see more stop-motion on NG

This is very fun to watch! You have a great imagination. The music was perfect for the animation, too.
Its rare that animations like this are put on NG. The only other one I've seen is 'bluh bluh bluh'. They are fun to watch and we need more!
Great job! 10!

HAHAH very cool!!!

good humor i liked it!!! :)