Reviews for "'Quaraquol'"

That was great

Man it must've took real patience for you to create that, awesome job

Pretty neat :)

Loads of work put into that, and I know. I worked on a sand animation.

Just to know, did you plan the timing beforehand or did you do straight-ahead animation for this? Also, any scenes you remade because you were not satisfied with the end-result? Simply curious on these parts :)

Otherwise, great job :D

Butzbo responds:

Well i was going to work with a stopmotion software to have 'onion skin' and to keep track of the time, but since my camera wasn't compatible i had to take the pictures without any help to keep track, timing it the best i could, although eventually taking some extra frames in case i could get short, so the timing was all straight-ahead.
There were some parts i had to record a couple of times, both the take when the snail goes out on its rocket, and then when it lands on the second planet, because i had to use a thread to lift it, and at times it was hard to control, and sometimes my fingers holding it were way too visible :D


First time i've seen this thing the "StopMotion thingy" it is so simple... in an awesome way its like you add art and coolness to a thing... lol i know this is hard but i wish it was longer... btw it is cool and keep it up boss!


Awesome !!

Now that's something you don't usually see here!

Claymation! Honest to god, stop motion cinema claymation! That's just brilliant. That's just lovely! It was a great looking movie considering production values, and the ending twist was pretty good in itself. Definitly worth being front page!

Butzbo responds:

HE-HEE, thanks man!