Reviews for "'Quaraquol'"


funny (giggle)


awesome beans dude :)

Butzbo responds:


Really creative!

I always love to see something creative and new, especially on Newgrounds! And I have always been a fan of stopmotion. One thing that did bother me was the rule of threes. I expected to see three modifications of the snail, but I was kind of irked when I saw only two. Other than that, you put a lot of effort into this and you should be congratulated! Kudos to you!!

Butzbo responds:

There was going to be a third modification, some kind of 'boat' after the tires break, but i didn't have time, so i had to skip it.
With all the great reviews it makes me think how awesome it could have been if i had gotten some extra time on the making to make it better, OH WELL,
thanks for the review!

holy crap!

run snail!! ruuunnn!!!


You should send this to robot chicken its awsome :P