Reviews for "'Quaraquol'"

Loved it!

Gotta love good stop motion. I felt the song was good. I really liked the moving camera with the stop motion (or possible moving set) But either way the illusion of camera motion was great, thanks.

Butzbo responds:

It was a moving set, i used a long table and kept moving the cardboard scenario in front of the camera.
Moving the camera itself is kind of risky ;)

Wow haha!

I enjoyed this movie, like this so much!

Great! but

You should upload this to youtube aswell. Even though it would get less views.
Great job on the stopmotion and ideas. Giving a ten just for the heck of it.

pretty good

i really liked it, the snail was awesome, so was the animation, good work


stop motion animation is hard man, i applaud you on that, make more films like this