Reviews for "'Quaraquol'"


Good fun!


that was pretty good. smooth, excelent humor points. nice work

Butzbo responds:

Hehee thanks!


I fell in love with just the first seconds of the movie ...the animation is cool and smooth, the music fits perfectly...BUT..I think the background needs some work...Anyway, I hope you got a good grade in your exam with this!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Butzbo responds:

Right, you can even see pieces of masking tape on the cardboard background at some moments. When i realized that, it was too late to record the whole scene again, HEHheh.
I got a 6.3 (the max is 7 here in Chile), ssooo yes, it was pretty good, actually the equivalent of a 9!


Amazing man, very good stopmotion, very creative! Gratz

Butzbo responds:

Thanks' Baphiroth'

Short and nice

Not much else to say about it.