Reviews for "'Quaraquol'"


FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC! I totally loved this. Very well done, plus I found myself cheering for the snail the whole way through.


Holy fuck. You must have godmode on.

Butzbo responds:

LOL, thanks!

time is a virtue

First off the big finger to any asshole that dogs this. Why!? Because maybe you dont know how long it actually takes to do claymation. great job man i know you have reason i just wish you had more time to let the short develop a little more it was very interesting.

Butzbo responds:

Well said, man, i actually wish i had made it with more time. The original story was going to be at least 30 seconds longer, but OH WELL.
Thanks for the review!

This reminds me of Neverhood

It was very well-done and brought back a bit of nastalgia. Kudos

funny and interesting

ok if we going in that way with evolution well we're destinated to escape. as we have been warned, but what about the possibility of evolving into something cool and alitle more Hot?