Reviews for "Retro Hearts (8th Sense Remix)"

Retro hearts is my favourite chipbit song and after a listening to it a million and twenty times this is just what I wanted without even knowing it!

A Great chiptune. It's really chilled out and easy to listen to.

Now this chiptune lives up to the chiptune name.

A pretty chill chiptune. It's a nice change for once, considering usually I'm more a fan of listening to speedy, rampagey chiptunes! I can see myself listening to this when I play games to keep myself from going overboard when I'm about to achieve something amazing like pulling off a rad speedrun.

Also, nice kellogs tag. Tony the Tiger approves!

IDK why... But I just heard this and the great goddes of the music said to me. PUT IN ALL YOUR YOUTUBE VIDEOS FROM NOW ON!!!!

Can I? I'll put a link to here in every description :D

Skullbeatz responds:

you may! Hail to the great goddes of music :D