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Reviews for "Crossroads:2D"

Got all medals

Fun cool game
sprites remind me of pokemon :D
i just dont like how slow he walks...

Nice Game

The game is easy, but you have to do it the right way. anways just FYI, you can get a maxinum of 2 coins, before an ending. and heres a tip, just buy a sword with the old mans dough and kill the shop owners then get more coins and bread by killing that bakery person. pay the fee to the troll on the bridge, then talk to the other troll when you go further, then "it" will give your money back so you still have 2 coins. and then at that point just go back and kill the bridge troll whose just standing there, and then you can do what ever shit or ending you want. oh and you can kill one of the guards with magic, but only one. so yeah........ flag me a spam idc, just random tips for you game players. w/e. NICE GAME THOUGH!!!!! :)

kcnh responds:

Thank you for your review.


Good game, i like it :D
but too short xD

i hope there will be some more games like this... with more story, endings etc
reminds me a bit on pokemon x]
ran through the grass to meet one xD


needs to be longer though could you make a second one and maybe as a secret thing you find in the bushes have speedy boots to walk faster. Overall great game should add more area, weapons, enemies, and equip-able items but controls are fine.


This was a fantastic game that had a true vintage look to it,i felt that i was actually playing a Final Fantasy game on Gameboy except for the fights of course but still i loved the vintage graphics that were done to perfection and i like how you can look for multiple endings with different ways you can complete the game to make it a fun 30 minutes to spend on,overall you did a great job on this game and i would love to see more games like this whether it's from you or somebody else so keep up the great work. :)