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Reviews for "Crossroads:2D"

Loved it!

This game sure brings back memories of the old zelda games and ofcourse zork.
I played it like 6 times and it was sleightly different each time I played it.
I really liked how you could do everything in whatever you wanted.

There was only 1 strange thing I noticed:
When you use the spell on 1 of the gaurds the other gaurd doesn't seem to care about his murdered partner and keeps telling you to go kill that troll. This could be made into a fifth ending because you can only use the spell once and the gaurds can't be killed with a sword, in other words the second guard would definitely kill you.

I also have 2 suggestions:
Give the blacksmith a hammer instead of a knife it would make more sence.
The second ofcourse being, make a longer second version I would love to see that!


v simple but i enjoyed it :)


this game reminded me of both the old pokemon games and the older Zelda games


Count Ending- Kill the Countess
Old Man Ending-Kill The Oldman
Knight ending-Kill Guard Using Spell And Talk To the countess


One question, why is the village called Gropenstein? Anyway, it's a short, but fun game.

kcnh responds:

In the original text-adventure game, Crossroads, the village was called Gropfenstein. I decided to change it to Gropenstein because it looks like a typo.