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Reviews for "Crossroads:2D"


Loved it, reminded me of some old gameboy color games i used to play, good work


I went through the tall grass, so where's my pokemon?
No, as a review, the game was entertaining. It was a little two dimensional since you do the same thing basically for all the endings, but the retro theme was appreciated, and the humor (unsure if it was intended) bumped it up to an eight. Not terrific, but not bad either.

Not perfect, but then...what is?

I enjoyed this long enough to snag each of the medals in turn. It was interesting and engaging, though I heartily concur that increased walking and map scrolling speeds would be a solid plus to make things progress a bit faster. Your game is an entertaining pixel-based romp, and it frankly accomplishes precisely what it purports to. To that end, well done!

The menu options were maybe a little clunky, and I did find myself accidentally exiting shops a couple of times. Oh, and what was up with the menu arrows pointing at non-option lines? Yeah, kind of minor and mainly aesthetic issues, but every little touch matters. Anyway, thanks for creating such a fun little time-waster...with medals!

kcnh responds:

Thank you for your review!

Pretty fun

Nice graphics, smooth controls (I was fine with the speed of the guy), different endings. My only problem with it is that the paths aren't really that different from one another. I mean, it wasn't exactly linear, but you did have to repeat some stuff to get each ending. It felt sort of rigid and gated in, especially for an adventure game. Also, some choices just kind of left you stuck with nothing to do (if you kill the blacksmith, I'm assuming that nothing happens). I know you based this off one of your earlier games, but you probably could have added something to give it some replay value. It was still fun while it lasted, though, and I would definitely play a sequel.

Brief but fun.

A little more contrast in the graphics might have been nice. Nice to see there's plenty of scope for treachery in the game, short though it is. 'twas fun.