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Reviews for "Crossroads:2D"


Loved it, reminded me of some old gameboy color games i used to play, good work

Well done.

It was nostalgic and retro, but would become so much more with a bit more story, characters, and a larger world. This could easily expand into something very zelda or final fantasy-like.

Also, I have hints on how to get each ending for everyone who doesn't want a direct walkthrough:

Troll ending: eager but bumbling mercenary, you get greedy when the guard asks you to take out just the bridge troll...

Old Man ending: vicious mass murderer, you wouldn't stay your blade even to the elderly.

Knight ending: Chivalrous and well mannered, your discipline causes you to follow orders to the letter.

Duke ending: a dastardly and cunning bastard, you would love a shot at the duke's crown, but he's a bit too good with a sword...

kcnh responds:

I would like to thank you for your review, the 'non-direct' walkthrough you have written is quite nice. However, it is the 'Count' ending', not the 'Duke ending'.


I went through the tall grass, so where's my pokemon?
No, as a review, the game was entertaining. It was a little two dimensional since you do the same thing basically for all the endings, but the retro theme was appreciated, and the humor (unsure if it was intended) bumped it up to an eight. Not terrific, but not bad either.


I don't wanna be a krazy korrections kid, but:
1. "opponnent"
2. "forrest"
3. "to late"
Other than some spelling/grammar issues, it's a cute lil' game. I especially enjoyed that the option to attack was so omnipresent. I wish there was a way to eat the bread! Yum.

kcnh responds:

Thank you for your review and the spelling corrections.

A suggestion for a later version

A lot of games where there are four endings tend to have a fifth, Best Ending after unlocking all the other four. Maybe add something like that if you remake this game?