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Reviews for "Crossroads:2D"



Got all medals

Fun cool game
sprites remind me of pokemon :D
i just dont like how slow he walks...

Great Game

I loved the multiple endings with multiple ways to complete them. However I found a way that I could pay the toll bridge, get my money back, get the magic spell, and go back to the boss troll. I was hoping I could use my spell on him and then become troll king or something. Sadly all I got was text saying trolololo.

Wondeful game

I love the games classic feel and the multiple endings but the endings past to fast and I cant read it all the way through. Wonderful game though.

Not perfect, but then...what is?

I enjoyed this long enough to snag each of the medals in turn. It was interesting and engaging, though I heartily concur that increased walking and map scrolling speeds would be a solid plus to make things progress a bit faster. Your game is an entertaining pixel-based romp, and it frankly accomplishes precisely what it purports to. To that end, well done!

The menu options were maybe a little clunky, and I did find myself accidentally exiting shops a couple of times. Oh, and what was up with the menu arrows pointing at non-option lines? Yeah, kind of minor and mainly aesthetic issues, but every little touch matters. Anyway, thanks for creating such a fun little time-waster...with medals!

kcnh responds:

Thank you for your review!