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Reviews for "Crossroads:2D"


needs to be longer though could you make a second one and maybe as a secret thing you find in the bushes have speedy boots to walk faster. Overall great game should add more area, weapons, enemies, and equip-able items but controls are fine.

it wasnt an attention grabber

it was a great concept but it kinda reminded of pokemon...its a good time waster tho

amusing, but not worth the time.

Very slow paced, not to mention the fact that you have to start from the very beginning after each ending. I also didn't enjoy the way the screen slided.

But it was creative, the music meshed well with the game. It wasn't bad as whole. I think you could do better though.


Good game, i like it :D
but too short xD

i hope there will be some more games like this... with more story, endings etc
reminds me a bit on pokemon x]
ran through the grass to meet one xD

pretty bad

old games didn't have the option of being like this they also had color maby just add some color and some variety to scenery and super fast walking power up