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Reviews for "Crossroads:2D"

easy ...pfft

finished it in 10 mins....muwahaha......easy i tell you..EASY~~!


the structure reminded me so much of the older pokemon games


awsome game although i couldnt find out how to get the troll ending

Hooray for adventure games!

I like that I'm dropped into the situation without really being given any context. This way I'd make my own decisions. For example on my first playthrough I killed the troll assuming that he was evil because the Count wanted him dead but on another playthrough I payed the troll the toll and found that he was nice. That is the mark of a truly good game when I'm left double thinking my actions.
The games problem is that what I do doesn't really effect the outcome. For example on one playthrough I killed the guards and talked to the Count and instead of being afraid or something he knighted me for killing the troll. Or how about when I killed the blacksmith and baker, it never had any kind of effect. I recommend for next time you make sure you create a consequence for almost anything a player does. It doesn't necessarily have to be a new ending or even anything major, at least a change of text so that our actions have a consequence.

not bad

would've been better with a sprint or something like that, your too slow
game's good, but gets boring