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Reviews for "Color Carnage"


I don't know what else to say.

What I think would be cool (in my perspective) is an objective of some type. Like, a certain height of bodies, after which you can purchase upgrades of some kind.

But as this game is now, it is also pretty cool.

I don't quite get it

But I like it! :D Add upgrades please :3

addkicting gkamemgkgagam,

I like this game! It's a very fUN game.

Pretty Nice

Looks like an old concept, but it is funny as hell.

That's it. Nice one.

Only good for about 30 seconds

Interesting concept (which I've seen done before elsewhere, but I do like the color splatter effect), but poor implementation. Just holding down the button to auto fire, with random upgrades that don't come nearly fast enough makes this game meh. Even worse is the fact that after about 30 seconds the baddies start coming so fast that it's impossible to survive any longer. It gets way too hard, way too fast, especially for not having a decent advancement system.