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Reviews for "Hilarious Cat Sleeping!!!"


The amount of times I have seen ppl watching vids of flash movies in youtube is unbelievable and when I say it is on newgrounds and in better quality they dont get me they think sum1 just put them in ytube no clue what flash is but they like it
some actually listened to me and since use newgrounds


I lol'd too hard and pee'd myself. Absoloutely hilarious flash with a great idea behind it. Only one suggestion though. Try to animate the seconds on the video. They were stuck at 12 lol. Nice job on the vid and I hope to see more!


yeah okay umm

One big problem that often leads me to youtube instead of new grounds is that flash animations cannot be played on my itouch. i cannot watch anything on new grounds on my itouch. pisses me off really..... so if i wanna watch newgrounds i gotta use my computer. but decently drawn animation. it was a generally good flash. *high five* + a vote five = for you


Was the single funniest thing I have ever seen.
But Fishies is right, telling me to goto Newgrounds when I'm on Newgrounds is... pointless


I thought the flash was pretty good. I searched on youtube for "the death of newgrounds.com" and this didn't come up....that woulda been a clever surprise.