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Reviews for "Hilarious Cat Sleeping!!!"

Mobile Devices...

totally agree with what your saying, stealing isn't the way to do things, but if flash authors uploaded their own stuff to a newgrounds channel, or if it was automated with so many views/ratings etc to the aforementioned newgrounds channel - it could kill off this crime pretty instantly.
The main problem is that there are millions of youtubers out there, and nearly every single one of them has an android, blackberry, iphone or other youtube compatible device, not a single one of them supports flash, just youtube, so i would go as far as to say, that mobile devices are the issue, and flash itself is the problem.

as for your flash itself, yes, there is some sh*t on the tubes, and its often that sh*t that gets the most views (cit: Charlie bit my finger ¬_¬)

1 thing

1 thing is strange...
it always ays 00.12/00.25 under the timeline.
BUT! The red thing moves! How is this possible?

Anyways, great animation.


No.First of all the cat looks more dead than sleeping but that's fine,the message still gets across nicely.Second is that if you REALLY typed "the death of newgrounds.com" the first video you see is "the death of Fred" uploaded FROM newgrounds. In other words, GREAT JOB!


That's true, especially when people put up a video of flash from here and don't give credit.

lol cats suck

tom aint dead you lying sack of crap