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Reviews for "Hilarious Cat Sleeping!!!"


NO! at Two things... Firts I don't want to see newgrounds die and second I agree with the idea of the video, but Youtube is not only cute kitty. There is a lot of greats shows too (Newgrounds is still the best!!!) and cute puppy....... Stop watching crap people!

hoy shit

that scared the shit out of me i thought he actually died


im rating the content not the message ........ but this is precisely the kind of stuff i hope to avoid by coming here if i want cats in a comic form ill go over there. i just tend to hope the word hilarious is attached to something funny when i come to new grounds(especially when put on the front page) but i guess the powers that be want to get a shameless plug in there. but when the content starts becoming over simplified i wont be surprised when the community starts to explore alternative avenues of "entertainment"


I enjoy YouTube alot...but most the stuff I watch isn't flash animations...only the odd stuff id done in flash. I admit I haven't been on NewGrounds much, but since of late, have been visiting it again, to see old faves, and new stuff, like the new Nin10doh flash.

I like watching the flash version more, now that my computer can play it better, because it looks smoother and nicer looking. The video versions just don't have that same look to it.

Does newgrounds pay you?

I give it a 10 mainly because the point is clear.

But on to my title of this review.. Youtube pays for what you upload WHEN you get a lot of views. I am 22 years old and just working at a regular job still and I know a kid who is in Grade. 10 earning $1000 per month making LEGO stop motions. Im not lying to you I know the guy in person and he is in partnership with Youtube.

So don't get mad if you see an official artist from NG uploads their stuff on Youtube because they are probably trying to make a living out of it. BUt of course if the videos are not being uploaded by the owner then yea thats where things can go wrong.

There is your reason why Youtube is more popular... can NG do the same thing?

SamGreen responds:

NewGrounds pays in ad revenue, you can read more about it in the Flash API under the Newgrounds Wiki part of the website.

So I get a percentage of the advertising money depending upon the popularity of my or your animation or game.

It's free to use so WHY NOT!? Give it a go.