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Reviews for "Hilarious Cat Sleeping!!!"


I haven't seen anything so utterly pointless for so long time, well played.


Wow, that was good community service packed in a 50 second video, very inspiring.
Still, Newgorunds isn't so strick with licensing crap like YouTube, right? (or are we actually bound by this kind of crap on Newgrounds too? Ah, what the hell...)
Oh and I agree what Zanarock wrote, Newgrounds should have a silder and play/pause button. That would help.

Good points and bad points of newgrounds

Look...Newgrounds is cool, I am watching it since I'm little...but...
1 : You can't watch what you want in a video...Rewind it or pause it...like in Youtube
2 : Most of the video in Newgrounds are limited...But when you watch them on Youtube you can see the whole video at once
There's good point on Newgrounds...Like there's a front page and a lot of new artist become popular because of this site ( not like Youtube that most of the new artist are dumbass ). Anyway I don't think Newgrounds will die because video are still rolling and people keep watching and playing.

Completely Right

It's sad, but the youth demographic of today are idiots, watching their dumbass cats, and that Justine Beiber chick. Sites like Icanhazcheezburger and their warped ideals of what funny is, has began to rot the minds of any potential intelligence in the younger generations. This isn't about shitty animators on newgrounds, it's about the lack of effort required to make it big these days. Case and point: 1) Justine Beiber 2) Stephanie Meyers 3) Final Fantasy XIII

Everywhere is suffering the same poor fortune, because people seem to enjoy promoting mediocrity, shit, TV is full of it these days with all the shitty reality series and all that crap. Antoine Dodson is famous for someone elses work over him, shit, I know his name, but I don't know the guy who autotuned the video, and that wasn't even a lot of work to begin with.

I get the message

not to bad...although i get the message behind the flash and to tackle your flash.

What's the point. On newgrounds the dumbest things in the world gets front paged or aren't even worth watching. hell i've only seen maybe 5 good flash movies in 2010. and that's barely. Once newgrounds gets the "REAL" good stuff then i'll watch here, lets be honest the laziest animators gets a lot of respect around newgrounds.com while i've seen good artists who actually has potential shot down to hell.