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Reviews for "Hilarious Cat Sleeping!!!"

now this i like i,am giving ya five stars!!!

the 3 best things about newgrounds

1.very nice community

2.voting system so no horrible stuff stays on website

3.legendary animations (such as there she is) get good praise and get noticed

things good about youtube

1.spammed videos

2.very mean community

3.legendary animations get no notice and horrible animations get noticed

i like both but

newgrounds have THE best perfect video quality that youtube doesn't rapes it. also youtube have so many useless crap of music videos with over used music that we already heard and shit, let alone that all the good stuff is on newgrounds and i don't have to get mad with stupid troll videos that i keep getting trick by (i suck) let alone that most of the flash films makers have great art skills which makes me fall madly in love with.

i love newgrounds since 14 and proud to be a fan


Newgrounds = Fucked up [Crazy people drawing girls with limbs cut off or bloody pussies and people thinking farts and shit is funny]

Youtube = Fucked up [15 year old boys watching my little pony]

Thumbs Up

Thumbs up if your watching this in 2011 and Tom's not dead... :3