Reviews for "Bobby's adventure"


this game rocks :D

No control

You could not control the character. The controls were shit.


Wow, this is a game that just polarized my entire mind! I mean, it's really great with how good the graphics are and how everything flows well, but the controls leave something to be desired. It can get so frustrating when one of the men catch you with a shotgun and keep hitting you over and over. At least it was not the longest game and could be completed. Thank you so much for having all those checkpoints and not having the fire level be so long. It was hard to tell whether myself or the enemy was being damaged when I jumped on them!

This kind of reminded me of the "Dad's Home" series. I guess the protagonist kind of looks like him. It was just fun to run around and do whatever you wanted in your space. The coolest part was just making your enemies explode whenever you jumped on them. There could have been some more detail, but still very fun in its utter zaniness. I managed to collect half the medals in one run too!


it's like lazy mario with cake


Finally a game i CAN beat :) Super fun in the sun :)