Reviews for "Bobby's adventure"

Great Job!

Short but very fun game! I agree completely with the guy who said it seem like a good violent take on super mario. And I didnt even mind the controls, it reminded me of the controls of Little Big Planet.


I beat this game before i had an account so i beat it again without erasing the data and now the only medals i have are having over 50 lives and eating all the food! Guess I'll delete the data and finish it again...


A hardcore challenge to say the least and a fun romp... a bloody take on Mario to say the least. Interesting graphic style with a few glitches and hard medals,(how the hell do you beat this in under 5 minutes?!) Fun at least and a great place to start out with medal collecting.

Bad gameplay

The concept was nice, but I found myself constantly dying due to the sloppy controls. The enemies would only rarely die, and the boss would kill me when I spawned. The art and storyline are nice, but the game is just too hard to control.

awesome game

i really enjoyed the game its funny the boss is not that hard when you have 50 life's =D