Reviews for "Bobby's adventure"

Fucking frustrating!!

the controls suck!!!!!

Made Me Angry!

Not that the game itself it bad...cuz its not. I think it was a good concept and I like to see some platform games out there... I did have some trouble with the controlling, and it seemed to lag a little bit. It wouldnt jump when I tried jumping and its hard to jump on bad guys. I died ALOT!
Overall...not too bad, but could use work.


It gets harder way before you can even get the feel of the game.


In fact I like that game and the story of it. I like the thing about the medals too, and the calories was a funny detail xD

This had a lot of potential...

The only tip I can really give is too make sure that you debug a game before you post it. Games should be challenging but not a hassle to complete. If I jump on two enemies at the same time, I shouldn't take damage.