Reviews for "Bobby's adventure"

Horribad controls...

Horrible controls ruin what might be a decent game. Maybe with xpadder this could be enjoyable. Recommendation: If you have such slippery controls at least make it so running into a random badguy doesnt throw you to the ground. I quit simply becuz I kept slidin into bad guys after jumping to a higher platform. Fail. The music sounds good though and it seems pretty well put together. But like i said with horrible controls anything you tried to accomplish was ruined. 3/6


The sliding about WAS a pain, I'd rather less of that and fewer lives. Also, the traps and difficulty curve didn't match up to progress in the game, plus some death-points (like an early part where you can drop down between 2 green platforms into sky) aren't obvious.

Still, fun little thing really, just much less of the sliding and more awesoming about would be good!

running on motor oil wearing teflon boots?

You could get used of his inertia and correct the timing of you imput, if it follows some logic, but it seems that rules are complete random, and the most fantascientific thing is to sure-kill an opponent by a running jump, wich should be... maybe the word is... "somehow predictable" ?

Maybe u should integrate the bad physics in the plot of the game, by example, when the bad guys talk about how they will protect the area from trespassers... one of them may say: "And to be even more sure a trespasser get an hard time, we poured oil and fresh dead fish mixed with banana skin and bullshit all over the floor"

And then the hero may say: "that's too bad... and me being complete drunk won't help at all"

And maybe you should add an animation between the moment player releases the run button and the moment the charachter stops... but it would take maaaany cels, i guess.

Ok, there is no way to avoid the subject: unless he's running on a noticeably slippery surface his clumsiness in brake or invert direction doesn't make any sense.

If u "take your sweet time" the game is ridicously easy, but pleeeease, i bet it was, in your intention supposed to be such as donkey kong country.


It was a nice try and all, but frankly I never felt fully in control of this game.

The character was slidy and unresponsive, while the enemies were glitchy at best. There's a reason you had to put a lot of lives into this game, and it wasn't because it was naturally hard, it was vital so that the player could live through the game's own blunders.

I don't get a lot of enjoyment out of a game I can't even climb to the top of a ladder in (at least without auto jumping into a shotgun that is). In general it was just disapointing. Especially the boss, which was just a meat grinder for the 50+ lives you had at that point. There was no viable strategy to beat him beyond, jump on him, run, die, respawn, do it again.

NIce Game!

It is challenging, has good graphics, is humorous, what else would you need? )) 5/5 from me. And it is a lot easier than meat boy, which I completed ))