Reviews for "SF II: The Satire Edition"


"I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my biiiike."

its awesome

the missing point is cuz this is getting real old

but hey, everything was top notch, congrats on an excelent movie


An EXCELLENT sprite animation and righteously funny. This was a most triumphant animation.

Excellent group effort, all!

The jokes mostly stayed within the scope of the game while adding a few outside influences as well.

Now a comment on each mini-flash:

**SPOILERS AHEAD** Only read after watching.

Characters with different names in different regions have Japanese names first, International names second, and any alternative names last.

1) In the Original Street Fighter II, the lack of character versus play meant the only mirror match was between head swaps Ryu and Ken Masters. By the time Championship Edition was out and versus play established, both Ryu and Ken started to differ: two of Ryu's special moves, Shoryuken and Tatsumaki Sempuu Kyaku, knocked down on one hit, while Ken was better able to string hits.
2) Fei Long was the first major video game character to fight and look like the legendary Bruce Lee. However, if any film, such as a Hong Kong martial arts film, is dubbed poorly, then the dubbing speech differs in length from the original speech.
3) Only the second 360ยบ grappler in Street Fighter history, Thunder Hawk would inspire other Mexican wrestlers, most notably Luchadors like Tekken's King.
4) If you want to master fighting games, especially the Street Fighter series, know which attacks have higher priority. Edmund Honda might as well headbutt or grapple his opponent there.
5) Who else caught the reference to the live action Street Fighter film? There is no Carlos Blanka!
6) Perhaps Dee Jay should combine kickboxing with Jamaican rum instead and call it drunken kickboxing.
7) It's a small world, is it not? Julia/Jane, wife of Guile, and Eliza, Ken's girlfriend turned wife, are sisters. Nash/Charlie once held the Pan-American championship before Ken defeated him for it.
8) Cartoon humor. Sagat's Tiger Shots, Tiger Uppercut, and his long limbs make him a formidable opponent. He was very difficult in the original Street Fighter as the final boss as well.
9) Before Chun Li, no females fought in fighting games, and Samus Aran was the only significant female video game protagonist. SNK would counter with Shiranuhi Mai (featured in Yeah! VG Style) and her sex appeal. Capcom then added Cammy and provided a risque Kikouken animation.
10) Blanka and Balrog/Vega/Claw are two major SF characters who have no speech beyond yells and grunts (save for when Balrog/Vega/Claw is rapping to "Spittin' Narcissism"). These two are also on opposite ends of physical appearance.
11) Rufus must be offended; he considers himself to be America's champion only to be beaten by a blond-dyed Californian hippie. Rufus and Guile were each made to appeal to Americans.
12) When SF was bound for the U.S., Capcom worried about a lawsuit from Mike Tyson, who was the obvious inspiration for Mike Bison/Balrog/Boxer. Folks at Capcom of America thought "Vega" (named after a constellation, used for the Dictator) was not an intimidating name for a final boss, so they gave it to the Clawed matador. (Incidently, Vega is also a Spanish name, so it worked out in this respect.) "Balrog" is from Tolkien.
13) In the Super Nintendo version of SSF2, Guile's famous quote was modified to, "Are you bad enough to fight with me?".
14) Zangief remained a supporter for Russia throughout the Soviet Union's final years and its breakup. He even acknowleges Gorbachev as the ex-president by SS2T.
15) Not mentioned in the list of grievences is his kidnapping of twelve girls, including T. Hawk's girlfriend (Noembelu); his corruption of the U.S. military (which is what motivated Nash/Charlie); and his drug cartel.
16) I thought he would say, "I'm going to Disneyland!" This is better and more creative than that. The wandering warrior also has a fledgling fan club.
17) The epitome of a defensive character, Dhalsim was partially inspired by Mohandas Gandhi and his humanitarian ways.

I was impressed by the sprite work! It's weird how Rina-chan was credited as both a voice actress and an inspiration. That's the first time I've seen two people credited like that. My favorite part was probably when they got their names confused. Yeah, I knew about that. It was a confusing controversy.

I also loved the part where they all got mad at M. Bison for different reasons. Oh, your logo is Ryu! Of course you'd make something Street Fighter related. I feel sad your VG dance cartoons got taken off. Why was that?

HadoukenDude responds:

My old music video sprite movies were removed due to copyright claims from their respective music companies. Tom had no choice but to remove them from the site.