Reviews for "SF II: The Satire Edition"

sorta right

I'll partially agree with Panachinator on this one. Ripped sprites and game references doesn't make a good movie. But I'll say, some of the jokes are actually very creative. What many animators fail to realize is that quantity doesn't count for quality. Each time you give me a good joke you throw me 5 horrible ones. I'll still give it a 5 mainly because I'm a huge Street Fighter fan and at least the material was way more truthful to the game then the last Street Fighter 4 collab, which was basically random generic jokes/situations with street fighter characters in it.


lol Whats with nerds and japanese stuff?


For a horribly tacky street fighter parody with lazy-ass ripped sprites, lame jokes, ZERO originality and abolutely nothing funny about it. These groundstards will give any video game parody a 10 because they are sheep. If you had actually made a funny parody, i would have given you a score. these jokes were lame. Sprite animations are lame & lazy. Your voice acting was... rather bland & in some cases i couldn't even hear them properly. Oh and speaking of horrible voice acting
0/10 0/5
Try animating your video yourself, writing jokes that are funny (steer clear of memes & tacky racism jokes if you want to be considered truly funny), and voice acting with some goddamn emotion (and making sure your voice actors can be heard clearly & not obviously at varying levels of quality that make me cringe.) And at that point I may be able to consider this worth the 10s that get piled on you just because groundtards have a nostalgia fetish for anything from a game.
"Herp-de-Derp, A video game reference!! Must laugh and vote 5"
How crap like this continually makes the frontpage is a testament to the obscenely low standards of today's newgrounds audience

HadoukenDude responds:

If you want something funny, learn flash and do it yourself,kid.


yeah it;s very funny, may Fav scene was jumping for joy

Reminded me a lot of Dorkly SF animations

That is by no means at all a bad thing. I loved the voice acting too! Great job.