Reviews for "SF II: The Satire Edition"

Winner Once Again.

You never fail man:-) Never mind what these low scoring douschs say you are the man to Sprite comedy.

Go home and be a family man.

As a huge street fighter fan I am beyond disappointed. I didn't find any of the jokes funny and the poor delivery didn't help.

LOL Gotta love nostagia

Oh Man i never laughed so hard in a while. I'm going to have to say that the bill and ted reference was by far the best.


Yet I don't know why there are so many low ratings? The noobs don't know what they are missing.

Why so many low ratings?

I'm looking at some of the relatively low ratings, and it confuses me. I've seen people give some movies (I won't name names) 10s all around, with the defense being "jokes about the game." Well, in my opinion, it's called "SF II: The Satire Edition" and it delivered exactly what I expected: jokes about Street Fighter II! I'll admit, there were a couple that kind of flubbed in my opinion (Cammy kicks balls, Guile calls Chun-Li a man), but hey, I wasn't expecting something that would make me laugh until my sides split. Great job guys, I liked it!