Reviews for "SF II: The Satire Edition"

Ryu Wins the Tournament

EPIC WIN! i liked the part where Ryu wins and he starts singing in japanese saying I wanna be a popstar! XD



is rufus no way

yes way kids

exelent (air guitar)

like the billy and ted adventures LMAO


Nice jokes, nice situations... hilarious

Street Fighter? Let me get my game pad!

This is absolutly hillairious! I'm going to be looking out for more of your work, You just earned a PERFECT! 10 stars.


first: wow that was hilarious

second: dude i got ask the stupid question how the hell is it that the entire whole of 2010 is it that you only put out two flash vids one from your hilarious four swords misadventures and this satire edition of SF II.

third: I though you said the next misadventures wouldn't take a year?

HadoukenDude responds:

First: Thanks for watching

Second: I didn't post two I posted three flashes in 2010. You forgot to mention" LoZ: The Show must go on". I wanted to post more, but I was going through writer's block and dealing with family emergencies last year.

Third: Let me simplify the 2nd answer for you, SHIT HAPPENS! I have a life too you know.Still, I'm currently working on a longer script for a possible 4 episode arc. Keeping the FSM story fresh isn't as easy as it looks,dude.

Besides, If you want to help keep FSM going, a Paypal donation wouldn't hurt. Message me if you're willing to help with that.