Reviews for "SF II: The Satire Edition"


Been waiting for this a long time.

Well made, at least

But like virtually every other video game parody collaboration, it's just not funny. And it keeps trying to be. It's derivative, infantile humor. You put the stupid "offensive" warning at the beginning, and you know it's bland and lame. Let someone else for you, or something. The animation is fine, but it's just so annoying to listen to.


The Cat fight scene is so true. I freaking love Chun Li :3

The Guile scene of "Your are man enough..." remenbers me too the mistake of SFIV, El Fuerte calls "Amigo" to the female characters

Great that all the 12 characters appeared in the animation. Now make a new spoof but only changing the characters colors, increase the FPS to 60 and call it SF II: The Satire Edition TURBO