Reviews for "SF II: The Satire Edition"

lol great ryu end

Also weed is actually illegal in Jamaica, as well as Amsterdam, and every other country in the world HOWEVER some countries (such as the one's listed) have large leniences on the growth and use of cannabis or who's law enforcement will often look the other way and focus on larger crimes like smuggling, murder, or... anything. Seriously though its a really pathetic thing to arrest someone for, and in fact if not for america, most other countries would already have legalized it. And yes I'm sure it is not 100% legal in any country in the world, but Antarctica... which has no laws. Also international waters but those aren't countries. Also people don't hate on this just because I'm stating facts, I really think weed should be legalized, or at least regulated, however there are many problems that many people don't consider such as how the black market and underground drug trade will react to such things because they are not going to suddenly give up on a multi-million trade operation without major retaliation. So now you know, and knowledge is power! lol pls don't flame.

HadoukenDude responds:

dude, chill. It was just a joke.

I'm fully aware that weed is illegal in Jamaica.

It's just one of the 2 things that come to mind when you think of Jamaica, that and Reggae of course.

Hahahahaha AWESOME

I'm totally loving this flash!

I rofl'd all the way through. xD


Love your work man.

I laughed at pretty much every single one of the skits. Just want to point out one tiny little detail though. You guys mispelled "Dhalsim's" name at the end. That doesn't take away any of your merit though =]. 10/10 5/5

Don't mess around with Cammy.

"I'm not gonna fight her. You fight her!"
"No, YOU fight her! You're good with women."
That was sooooo awesome! Great job!