Reviews for "SF II: The Satire Edition"

You deserve my five stars. I cant believe this is so funny. Especially The Charlie scene and Bison, Balrog and Vega's argument. Classy XD

HadoukenDude responds:

Thanks. Sadly not many people got the jokes. :/

Really funny, but I dont understand the "Ryu wins the tournament" scene. Just plain strange. Everything else is funny though.

HadoukenDude responds:

That final sketch was originally about Ryu singing a J-pop song called "Pop Star" by Ken Hirai, but due to copyright claims in Youtube I had to remove it and replace it whith Guile's theme since it goes with everything.

So blame Sony Music for ruining the joke. :/

Makes me Wanna be a PopStar!

Absolutely Hilarious.


One of the best vids i've seen, thank you for making this everyone!!