Reviews for "SF II: The Satire Edition"


jokes are not funny at all (they are more embarassing than anything else). at least the sprites were alright. in opposite to the sound. the voices sounded quite hollow. and yeah, talking about voices: you featured the ugly, enerving voice of rhina-chan! THIS SUCKS!

HadoukenDude responds:

Rina-chan barely makes a cameo in this and you STILL bitch about it!?

10 10 10s all around

dat was superoirly funny luved it all even if it was choppy 10s all around

terrible voice acting

jokes not funny


My favorite was the Cat Fight, LMAO

This was funny...

but you need to sharpen up on the sound a bit more. There are times where its hard to hear the dialogue or where the background sound or music is overpowering what the characters are saying. So try bringing that more to the front and try to keep background noises and music at a level that doesn't bleed into what they're saying.

I love Osuka's art. Nuff sed.

The marriage-edition Ken was pretty funny.

The monotony joke with Segat and Ryu was a tad corny even though it was a total Looney Tunes reference. So a bit of my heart was like "thanks" while my chuckle was kept pretty minimal. So it was ok.

However....that last bit with Ryu winning the tournament....that sucker could have been made into its own viral video. I loved it that much! lol

The voice actress for Cammy needs to clean up that echo. It distracts from the flow of dialogue as well as the skit in general. Nice accent, but just clean it up to match everyone else.

Anyway good work!