Reviews for "SF II: The Satire Edition"

I thought it was funny.

You would have probobly had to play the origonal SF games to apreciate it. Younger kids that didnt grow up w/ the franchise would like it less.


Popstar thing at the end caught me of guard! First I was like WTF! Then I was like ROFL! Cool animation! max rating from me! What will be next? Super SF II: The Satire Edition Turbo? :D

"What did YOU do to Charlie!?"

Some jokes were good, some jokes were bad. I´m actually a fan of your flash movies, however personally, this vieo wasnt as good as the others.
All the Elisa related jokes were awesome, and marrying is DEFINATELY a Game Over. Yay for the catfights! the cannavis, Russia and Fei Long jokes could hurt sensibilities, so be aware...


i love the voice overs i especially like the english girls one beg my pardon for not knowing anything about streetfighters
it wasnt too idiotic and i enjoyed it all :D


Cannabis legal in Jamaica? I wanna be jamaican! :3