Reviews for "SF II: The Satire Edition"


yeah awesome

very long

I liked Zangief in the second skit criticizing the guy for being badly dubbed (to top it off, he should have yelled "godzilla is coming" and pointed off in some direction), and the Bill and Ted scene was good too, but those were the only ones that were actually funny or worthwhile in my opinion. Whoever could be offended by this though? I wonder if you're the sort of person who puts a nickel in a swear jar every time he says "rats!" or "gosh darn it!"

thanks guys

oh wow another street fighter parody. do you guys seriously come up with this as an effort to be funny, or is it like an ironic joke at the expense of the newgrounds community? its not really like i can blame tom fulp for this, he only front pages something if it gets good reviews. thats fine and all, but all the reviewers were either in this flash or dickriding street fighter. i ask you, when did it become okay to stop making original content and just take pre-existing ideas, slap some bland situational comedy on it and hit submit? street fighter chode wasn't just about making fun of rina-chan (though it did it splendidly), it was about actually channeling ones creativity and making something that people would like for what it was, not because some artists or VA's wanted to stroke their ego and appeal to their close-minded fanbase. i fucking love this portal like the rest of you, but i don't want to see it turned into 4chan or vgcats or CAD or some other shitty shit. for the sake of newgrounds, im BEGGING you, use your brain? don't do it for me, do it for yourselves, because i can guarantee when you put your mind to something that is actually worth your time, the rewards are much greater.

HadoukenDude responds:

Dude, at least I'm making other users laugh with my submissions.
Seriously, shut up and make something worth watching.

I chuckled. Nice.

You did good work with this, and though not ALL of the scenes made me laugh, I really enjoyed myself.

Though, I think it would be beneficial to point out one minor detail. At the end where you said "The following was a fan made parody--", you used the word following incorrectly. You should have put preceding. Following = the cartoon comes after the disclaimer. Preceding = the cartoon came before the disclaimer.

Just for future reference. OH! You should work on a Marvel vs Capcom parody soon. Or at least someone should. I'd love to see what people could do with that. lol


funny and nice refrences