Reviews for "SF II: The Satire Edition"


if an user in youtube called "alberto16433" writed in the video you stole my move! "WHO THE HELL WROTE THIS CRAP?!", that's me, im sorry.
It's only a joke from FSM 7.

not too bad

It was mostly good, but didn't flow too well at times. Some of the jokes were almost funny, but some of them were also a riot. The few running jokes throughout were well placed. Your work with sprites was also seamless for the most part. Overall, pretty good.

Thanks, mates

What a good collaboration with all those good artists and voice actors
THIS is a real x-mas present... and not that sweatshirt I bought to my father for 12 $


Funny you compare this to Brawl Taunts, because just like that flash, I found this to be really boring. Most of the jokes were just... bad. I'm not a Street Fighter devotee but still the humour just severely lacked. The voices were kind of bland too. Sorry :<

yeah man!

might just take up cannabis Kickboxing myself XD