Reviews for "SF II: The Satire Edition"



Can we please be done with Street Fighter jokes?

...Or at the very least, the unfunny ones?


it was funny


I'm a fan a Street Fighter myself, and the parody wasnt too bad. I enjoyed most of it!


The animation was consistent and well done. The voice acting was passable. The writing is where I felt it was lacking. I barely cracked a smile at this attempt in humor. I know enough about Street Fighter to understand their premise, but they're hardly worth devoting a whole sketch to. About the only thing I grinned at was the Bill & Ted reference because it wasn't related to anything central to these Street Fighter in-jokes.

Appealing only to a small group of people with in-jokes is something I would like to see less of entirely in video game parodies around Newgrounds, to be honest. If definitely doesn't get you any new fans.

The also seemed to be a lack of timing, setup and/or a punchline for a lot of the jokes. For example, in the copycat skit at the beginning, they throw one fireball each at one another and the "stop copying me" stuff begins. There was no time for it build up, you just went right into it. Even when they're saying it back and forth, "Stop copying me", it still remains rather flat. If their yelling escalated to more ridiculous point with a swerve for a punchline, it would have performed better.