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Reviews for ".Oh Yeah Gurl."

Cmon man...

This belongs on some spam website, not NG. Cmon man. >.>

OOOO, things are gonna heat up (look below) :D

lol its funny yes but its just one image in a cycle. so cba to waste my time on it.


I know what your doing....don't make me say it. Sorry I couldn't join the zero party but I thought the song was nice. There's not that much animation to it, just going back from on pic to another. And the message wasn't worth the joke, especially for a "E" rated flash.

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Meet me in the back alley of Apple bees in two hours. There you will find your adult content.

Ok wow.

All this is is 2 pictures of a man with a warped face looped with music on it. LAME.


just.... wow