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Reviews for ".Oh Yeah Gurl."

overall well done, but,,,

i think that you had too many ideas on the table due to the number of people you had worlking on this amazing progect. Next time you should use a smaller team, you might get a clearer measage.

A Stunning Tale Which Will Be Retold For Centuries

At last, this pulchritudinous flash has come to fruition after all these long months. In all honesty I was beginning to think it would never be completed and ascend to its rightful place at the very peak of the NG top 50, yet it has! This is truly a day of celebration.

As for the flash itself, I especially adored the romantic tension you built between our protagonist Rob and the strong, yet feminine Christina. Their astonishing quest to put an end to their reptilian overlord's grip on the balls of mankind truly touched my soul and left me staggering on the edge of my seat throughout this brilliant fast-paced thrill-ride of a flash. I believe we can all take a lesson from this film, if you will, a lesson of the brutality of life and the wonder and magnificence of true and unfiltered love and affection. Rob and Diana truly are a match made in Heaven and the adventure they share is simply touching.

The characterization of Quaritizahn, our vicious, yet secretly sentimental reptilian king antagonist was shockingly well done. I nearly shed a tear as he mourned via his epic monologue whilst gazing over the grim horizon in the galactic palace above his luscious city.

But this flash is not without humor. Your portrayal of Barack Obama as a ninja-space-cowboy-megazord traveling back through time in order to save the Hindenburg was nothing less than a work of scriptwriting brilliance. Bravo! I'm not much of a man for political jokes - but when he socked the George Washington/Hitler/poltergeist/shark hybrid bear in the dick I could not help but emit a thunderous lol from the depths of my being.

All in all, every aspect of this masterwork comes together in a gourmet cuisine which the Flash community rarely sees outside of professional work. The story, the narration, the graphics, the music, the interactivity - a fine mesh of raw perfection.

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000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000/10 and 7/5!

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

One thing I think the viewer will fail to realize is how the archetypes in this movie are so important to symbolize the religious aspects of the characters roles. Christinia really is a scapegoat, such as Jesus Christ was in the bible. The way she sacrifices her life for the simple love of Rob and Diana is a writing work of art that I have to give credit to MercatorMap. The fact that the two actually die and go to heaven is brilliant in the way that the scapegoats effect is the exact opoosite of what is expected, and therefore quite ironic.

The reptile was a very interesting character, and I think your artistic portrayal of his wrinkled, stress filled face showed just how terrible he hated his role as a king. when he jumped off of that cliff as he realized his kingdom was crumbling before his very eyes, it was apparent that the crackling city represented the fate of him, and died just as he hit the wet ground below.

I am very sad that we had to include a n****r in this film, and wasnt very pleased with the fact that it was Obama, but as you said it added a nice comic relief. It was hilarious when he was killed with that shotgun, and really represents the true intentions of the South!

Grand Job Sh0t-D0wn, I think we really created a masterpiece here.


I feel like i'm being watched.

And I like it.

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Good job, I'm glad we were able to finally finish this!


I have this on while gaming the song is addictive :P please send the mp3 out to me if you can.