Reviews for "A present for you"


deep and has a great moral, i love it!
Seriousness aside: when he was a kid the tree looked like it was made out of chocolate :D !!!!!


Made me cry...
This is just the most beautiful thing I have ever seen on Newgrounds.
I hope this becomes #1 of EVERYTHING.

I love you, Diives. Happy New Year.

Diives responds:

Wow, this almost made me cry, most than my animation :')

Thanks dude
Happy christmas! :D

All the presence in the world

Will never amount to LOVE for another :)

Thank you for making this

I have to admit it also. This brought tears to my eyes. Being 23 and who I am today, I can't thank my father enough for being apart of my journey and development. This really touched me.

very beautiful

good job man really touching made me cry and reminded me of what a great dad i have ;)