Reviews for "A present for you"


Beautiful, i loved it. Magnificent Work.

Oh that hurts

Man I just teared.....


hardly heart warming, just cos the guy is old doesn't mean his life is SO amazingly shit he would want JUST a hug for christmas, if the main charecter had 2 brain cells he would hug him a shitload more in his life (and obviously he isn't otherwise that wouldn't be the present) and for the present hug him and then give him the gift, christmas is a paegen festival that the christians stole and slapped jesus' birthday on it, jesus was born around november, therefore christmas is not all about hugs and being nice and celebrating jesus' birthday by sharing love and hugs and helping the poor, its all about fucking presents.

the animation was not amazing, the music was alright, the storyline was okay....but the ending just ruined everything.

Thanks for the present, the thought that counts I guess :/

I just hugged my dad...

The mensage is deep, seriously! I always hug and kiss my dad, but, after watching this, I need do it more! Awesome job, man! got my 10/10 5/5


that was great. made me have a tear heh good work :)