Reviews for "A present for you"


I think just as Hidrogenesis, this story is heartwarming and nice, well drawn and well animated that also has a moral lesson inside, really great!

And I also think that is lame to mark as "Useless" a comment just because it's on a different language, it's time to grew up boys ;)


Allow me to be the only one with the balls to say how sh** this was.

Boring music.
Boring art and a lame moral.

Muy buena

confieso que me me detuve a pensar un largo rato con esta animaciĆ³n...
realmente se ha perdido el sentido de la navidad :/


It was a great flash and a heartwarming tale


In the midst of all the craziness here on NG, it's nice to see something heartwarming. Awesome job.