Reviews for "TBWNFE - trailer"


Definitely can't wait to see what the next addition has to offer. Great job setting it up, and the reviews were right, this comic has so much potential, style alone not even considering the storyline.

Like I said, can't wait for more. :)

shngrdnr responds:

Cheers cyryn, I'll keep you posted

I go to see this

Look to be awesome, like the other jobs. You are a really good cartonist. Really.

wow :)

i can tell ya that it's a really good flash and it worth to be beter then 8th daily

shngrdnr responds:

Thanks max, glad you thought so!

Looks as promising as ever!

Won't get full score though, as it is not an actual episode.
It's a real shame you haven't gotten more attention here. A daily third is far from enough.
I'll probably have more to say on the 8th.


I wasent expecting much at first because it was a trailer. But I sure was wrong to make such an asumption, I cant wait for the full version.