Reviews for "Quickdraw: Xmas Special"

Fun game

i got shit ending (-_-)


Dude I can't play a thing man, It won't start

53xy83457 responds:

Very nice of you to give me a 10, anyway.

You have to press "A" to move on when there is a cross on the screen.

yAY !

YAY santa die!

dud u got add points to the medals

u r doing this to every game u must add the medals to at least 5 or 10 points jesus was hard but beat him merry christmas dud

(the voices sound awesome and i hope the game that u said that ppl could put their created players will come out soon)

make more of these then u might get more prizes or somethin'

WHOO HOO!!! More Quickdraw Adventures!

Thanks for PMing me when this came out! I can't wait for Quickdraw 2 comes out. To all the idiots who don't read instructions and keep giving this a zero score just because THEY are the stupid ones, to get past the first screen press A. It doesn't help at all to press the cross. I loved this game! The bosses were truly amazing with a Christmas Theme and to make it even better, this time it had a story or point why Damian had to defeat all these Christmas favorite characters. The secret was pretty hard to find, but here's a hint: Make sure you search around the dead body of your victim after he/she is dead. I'm glad you added an extra character you must defeat after you earn the secret. The medals were great even though they weren't approved yet. I'm really irritated at users who don't read the instructions or the author's comments before playing and then complain about stuff that was SPECIFICALLY said! Santa Claus was super duper hard, but I beat him after a few trys. I like how you brought back characters from old classics including The Grinch and Scrooge. The Quickdraw series has been epic and exciting and I was quite surprised you made a Christmas Special. You are my favorite flash author on Newgrounds and I hope more exciting games are coming soon as your work. Keep up the amazing work!