Reviews for "Quickdraw: Xmas Special"

omg so freaking funny?!!!!!!11

dis is tight1!!!!!!!!!!!! great humor... i didn't know a polar bear could even hold a gun! great game loved it!!!!!!!!!!1

Different game Same shit

Seriously? I mean it's the same crap your other games have, with just different characters. The only reaosn why this isn't at a 1 or 2, is due to the medals.

Love your games

I love these games great work even if I am unable to beat any of them

Fun game

i got shit ending (-_-)


Dude I can't play a thing man, It won't start

53xy83457 responds:

Very nice of you to give me a 10, anyway.

You have to press "A" to move on when there is a cross on the screen.