Reviews for "Quickdraw: Xmas Special"

fun game

wheres the secret items


luv the elf level

First Person > Third Person

I love this series, but I think you should have kept it First Person rather than how it is now.

KFP.. now i want some to.

Seriously the moment i saw the bucket of Kentucky Fried Penguin, i got hungry for Colonel Sanders' food. I want it so bad, but traveling an hour for a bucket is to much to ask.

About the game:
I like this one, just as much as i do with the other ones. It's slighty different, the way you have to collect the items. For example with quickdraw gun.5 you have more kill options. Every one has something special and it makes it even better. If only you had made the main character more awesome.

I find it not hard at all, just use your mind.

Nice series. Keep it up.


great- but how fucking hard is the merry mirror match?