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Reviews for "Gabe Newell Eats HL2:E3"

What's not to like?

Nice use of TF2 dialogue. I must say that
I cracked up when Bobby Kotick appeared, and at the characters
drowning in crates.

I loved it

I have to say though I got a bit weirded out when the Clock Tower music started playing, was waiting for Bobby Barrows out of F***ING no where! But none the less.

Good animation, good humor and love the ideas put into it =D


rofl, wow. that is some funny shits right there. but wtf fell on the heavy and the newell monster


Quite entertaining, though, as stated previously by others; this falls under the humor of people who've played numerous Valve games.
But, none-the-less, that was fairly well done, interesting variation on styles and those god damn boxes.
Good job.


serously i have no idea what is going on but somehow i enjoyed it, is that narutally ?