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Reviews for "Gabe Newell Eats HL2:E3"

fuck misic snes clock tower

I found the easter egg, What the hell? XD
(Click on the hat when Soldier and Demoman are at the crate)

I AM FULL OF SAN-(Puke coming out of Heavy's ears,nostrils and mouth) HA! FIVE STARS!!!!!!!!!!! YOU THINK THAT IM HAPPY NOW,BUT WAIT LATER AT 7:00 P.M (My Happy Hour) :D

Hey Nate657 the music when spy meets gabe is the Music from CLOCK TOWER on the Japanese Super Nintendo Go on youtube and type "Clock tower SNES Don't Cry Jennifer"

one word, lol. btw, does anyone know what the music is when the spy meets gabe? i swear i have heard it before...