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Reviews for "Gabe Newell Eats HL2:E3"

Keep it where it belongs.

Youtube poop stays on youtube.

I refuse to see this kind of stuff on Newgrounds unless it has some kind of meaning behind it.

This was awful, I kept hoping that there would be some redeeming factor but it kept failing to happen.

Please don't litter Newgrounds with Youtubepoop, keep this internet highway clean, it's all we have...

*Que the crying Indian*


Could've been better, but when I look at vindictus I go "hell yeah, Hl2: ep3 is gonna be worth the wait..." Your movie... not worth the wait, I like the joke you made iin your author's comments though.




its like youtube but on newgrounds

That reminds me...

WHERE IS EP 3? Theyre already talking bout another L4D, and theyre making flipping Portal 2 and DOTA. Your flash was alright but all you really did was remind me why I quit gaming.