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Reviews for "Gabe Newell Eats HL2:E3"

Awesome xD

Gabe is a Advisor xD

newell had this coming

well, this is what happens to gabe for makeing voice acting of spy mocking a fat man(aka heavy).
Also, who´s that guy on the alien body?

Aie... What just happened?

The game cube, that'll haunt me for a bit.

You just had to do it?


I don't think EP 3 is ever going to come out if people keep pissing mr. newell off like this. only because he is a little fat.


Seriously though, I am really starting to think he could get pissed by all those jokes on his expense, yet it's his own fault for being so hilariously obese.


I must say the whole thing about the crates is about right, I get like 5,000 of those things a day.