Reviews for "GTE Happy Hour"

um bad...

But I hate to say it, but I kinda liked it... But I still hate it... I guess I just like the sounds or something... but... it was kinda good for some reason... BUT it was still AWFUL! so ya


hey youre doped up

was that the chipmunks? ok you didnt make all that stuff you got some of it of the net

As you wish...

Normally, I don't blam. I try to reward hard work. But since this is your wish, and especially since your movie did suck badly, it is my pleasure and my duty to fulfill that wish and blam this piece of crap.


I'm very willing to help in the blaming of this movie.


This genre of crapimation was funny the first 10 times, but unless it's extremely clever, it becomes grating. See We Drink Ritalin for a better approach to this kind of work.